2 thoughts on “I. MADE. A. YOUTUBE. CHANNEL.

  1. I watched your “Why am I agnostic?” video and it is amazing. The animal suffering part you mentioned bothers me a lot and it is devastating when you think about so much suffering before homo sapiens arrival(evolved).One huge notable event of suffering and death is extinction of Cretaceous–Paleogene (75% species went extinct due to asteroid impact). I also have a few other problems with catholic classical theism where the philosophers argue in favor of perverted faculty argument and eternal hell. Pretty much all thomists as far as I know believe in eternal hell and this hell is horrifying.

    I just want to ask, are you some kind of vegetarian buddy?

    But of course there are amazing philosophers like Josh Rasmussen who talk about some kind of rehabilitative universal reconciliation right?


    • Hey! Thanks for your comment. Much love ❤

      I am not a vegetarian. I haven't studied the philosophical literature on the question in sufficient detail in order to have a considered view.

      And you're right that there are amazing philosophers like Dougherty and Rasmussen that affirm a rehabilitative universalist afterlife! ❤


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