2 thoughts on “New video on arguments for classical theism!

  1. Always good to see new content from you, Joe.

    As I recall from your “Why I am an Agnostic” video, you seem to lump in Palamism under the “classical theisms.” Do you find that the responses given in pt1/pt2 of the video would equally apply to a Palamite conception of God? And further, what are your thoughts on what’s appealing/not appealing in Palamism?


    • Thank you!!!

      I think many of the responses and arguments and whatnot would equally apply to such a Palamite understanding, but it is also true that some of them won’t. In particular, Palamism doesn’t seem to accept that ‘all of God’s acts are identical to one another and to God himself’. The fact that they deny this may potentially circumvent some of the worries about divine action that arise. I think this is an area, though, that I need to think about further. [That is, how the debates concerning the classical-theism-that-I-address apply to other versions of classical theism.]

      I hope the videos serve you 🙂


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