A quick clarification on Section 8.2.1 of Existential Inertia and Classical Theistic Proofs

Hey all! This is just a quick clarification on Sect. 8.2.1 (Timelessness) in Existential Inertia and Classical Theistic Proofs. This section is in the chapter on the second stage of the Aristotelian proof. The section focuses in particular on Feser’s inference to timelessness. Originally, the section reads like this:

However, I think the wording here is confusing. It makes more sense when we replace two instances of ‘timelessness’ with ‘immutability’. That’s how the dilemma should be construed. So, below, I’ve given a better version of the section. I’ve bolded the two changes:

Similarly, this clarification also applies to our short summary of this section on p. 368 in Sect. Originally, that summary was as follows:

But the summary should be changed to the following:

It’s a small change, yes, but I wanted to note it nonetheless! The change is important, since without it our dilemma isn’t clear. 🙂

Happy philosophizing,



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