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I am a lover of philosophy and critical thinking whose goal is to promote rational discussion and the investigation of philosophical issues. Sapere Aude. Nullius in Verba.

An Unsuccessful Defense of Classical Theism: A Systematic Response to Sonna, Kerr, and Tomaszewski

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I’ve had some wonderfully informative and engaging interactions on the topic of classical theism, and I am so grateful to all participants in such discussions. Consider this post an extension of this grand topic, one concerning the fundamental nature of reality and our place in it. As such, I extend my deepest gratitude to Suan, Christopher, and Gaven for their insights into this grand topic.

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“The Majesty of Reason: A Short Guide to Critical Thinking in Philosophy”

Available in both print and kindle version (e-book).

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“How do we think critically about issues in philosophy, science, and religion? How do we discover treasures of truth that can serve others? And how do we relay our insights in a productive, fruitful way?

It is precisely these questions that The Majesty of Reason: A Short Guide to Critical Thinking in Philosophy addresses. The first step on our journey equips you with the intellectual virtues and conversational tactics necessary for critical thinking. The second step equips you with a variety of methods and tools in critical thinking and philosophical reasoning. Through tangible suggestions, lively and engaging examples, and a bit of technical jargon, you’ll come away a better thinker and – ideally – a better human being.

Critical thinking, like mastering a musical instrument, requires practice. That’s why the next three steps on our journey will apply a number of the methods and tools previously explored to central issues in philosophy of science and philosophy of mind: scientism, laws of nature, and the nature of the mind.

With a depth of insight, a breadth of coverage, and bit of humor, this book will engage both beginner and advance readers in the field of philosophy. Your mind will undoubtedly be sharpened. This book is just the beginning of your journey of discovery. The treasure of truth awaits.”


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A Plethora of Prima Facie Problems for Classical Theism


As the title suggests, this post is not some decisive refutation of classical theism. Definitely not. Classical theism is a formidable, fruitful, and deeply intellectually respectable research program. Rather, it is a short post presenting a number of prima facie (i.e. at first glance; upon first inspection; seems or appears true on the face of it) problems for classical theism.

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Media Appearances!

If you haven’t checked them out already, check out the two following videos!

Discussion with Graham Oppy and Josh Rasmussen on the nature of ultimate reality:

My critical appraisal of Cameron Bertuzzi’s three proofs of God’s existence:


I hope they serve you!

Author: Joe

Email: NaturalisticallyInclined@gmail.com